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Sep 8, 2017 12:13:18 PM / by Aaron Bolton

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With the emergence and growing adoption of Android based mobile data collection devices in the Enterprise, companies using SAP Console are faced with an important decision:

Modernize SAP mobile or get left behind the curve. 

Traditionally, in addition to scanned input, the Windows CE/Mobile devices in this space have had various types of physical keyboards integrated into the hardware for data entry. Modern Android based data collection devices typically are designed similarly to today’s smartphones, without a physical keyboard. In a character based business system, this can make data entry cumbersome.

Character based data collection on a smartphone type device using the typical Android keyboards can make data entry difficult because of the small keys and the general lack of traditional function keys. In order for the keyboard to have the screen real estate to be seen and still display the necessary application data and input fields, the text fonts may need to be kept small, making it hard to read.

Procensis FZ-N1 Console Screen_BinToBin.png


Taking a practical approach, Procensis has come to embrace the Ivanti Velocity solution to develop smooth and successful SAP Console transitions to Android based touchscreen devices. Panasonic handhelds work and look similar to the experience workers are familiar with from their personal devices. Tapping, swipes, pinch-and-zoom, are all available for your apps and workers already know how to do these gestures. Additionally, keyboards can be customized on a field by field basis so that just the right keys are available when needed. This allows for better optimization of the screen and larger keys for easier typing. Popular SAP function keys like F2 Clear and F3 Back can be replaced with simple buttons on the screen. Keyboards can also be made transparent to allow underlying text to be visible.

The best part of the Velocity product is its ability to convert the SAP character based screens to GUI based screens that are more familiar to end users with smartphone experience. The same text based screens, with NO backend system modifications and NO intermediate server required, can be converted to colorful, modern looking transactions. This conversion is simple, quick and improves the overall application useability.

SAP Console as an existing character based telnet application, already delivers great performance, especially over WAN connections. You get to keep that performance as you move to Android. With Velocity, you’re able to supercharge these apps with more power and optimized workflows will accelerate your productivity increasing your bottom line!

Training new users is also typically much easier with color coded labels, value and buttons. This is especially helpful for getting even seasonal employees up to speed fast with improved screens. When workers are learning how to use these new devices, a new operating system and new mobile applications at the same time, Velocity can significantly ease this transition.

Procensis FZ-N1 SAP Console Velocity

Using their extensive Android mobile device experience, Procensis will deliver quick and efficient SAP Console Velocity transitions for your Enterprise. Let us show you how.

To learn more about how you can quickly sample the benefits of this solution, click here.


Aaron Bolton

Written by Aaron Bolton

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